HDZ unveils its election agenda


The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Thursday unveiled its election agenda called “Economic Growth, Sustainable Development and Employment: 5+Croatia”, with the leader of this strongest Opposition party, Tomislav Karamarko, being welcomed with a storm of applause at the beginning of the presentation of the agenda.

The economic plank of the agenda is divided into five sections: growth, employment, public healthcare and social sensibility, legal security, and society, demographics, education and research. The main targets of the agenda are increasing employment and halting emigration from Croatia, according to the presentation.
If they win the next parliamentary election, the HDZ and its coalition partners undertake to ensure, by 2019, a 5-percent annual GDP growth, reduce the Value Added Tax rate on baby food and necessities to 5%, reduce unemployment by 5%, increase pensions by 5% and provide citizens with improved healthcare services.
The plank dedicated to “Patriotic Croatia”  reads that the HDZ and its coalition partners will keep fostering patriotism, especially among young Croatians, and would pursue a policy aimed at helping Croatian expats, the Croat people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croat minorities in neighbouring countries.
In attendance at the presentation were some 2,000 party members and sympathisers, including former prime ministers Nikica Valentic and Zlatko Matesa.