Indian embassy request fuels Twitter storm in Nepal over petrol


A local media report that India had asked the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) for fuel sparked a Twitter campaign Wednesday, with Nepalis offering to “donate” petrol to New Delhi’s embassy in Kathmandu.

#DonateOilToIndianEmbaasy was trending on Twitter, and groups of Nepali youth subsequently showed up at the gates of the Indian embassy in Kathmandu carrying bottles of petrol as “donations.”

Nepal has been suffering a severe fuel crisis for the past two weeks after India refused to let vehicles carrying fuel enter its neighbour, citing security reasons as anti-constitution strikes continued in the southern belt of Nepal for more than 50 days.

Nepal’s Nagarik daily newspaper reported that various embassies, including the Indian embassy, had requested NOC for fuel. NOC said it could not respond because of its limited fuel stock.

“We respect our neighbour, we can’t see pain of Indian ambassador,” one Nepali tweeted. “Early Morning joke,” “Indian Embassy wrote letter and requested fuel with Nepal oil corporation” khimthapa tweeted.

Another user wrote: “We are Nepali and we know how to respect our neighbour.”

“Govt of Nepal pls ensure that Indian Embassy gets fuel it seeks.
Should look after neighbour,” journalist Kanak Mani Dixit tweeted.

Many goods that Nepalis need come from their giant southern neighbour India, particularly fuel for cooking, heating and transportation.