Karamarko: Every country must control its borders


The president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Tomislav Karamarko, said on Monday that every country must control its borders and that Croatia was now a country “without borders”.

Commenting on Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic’s statement that the last solution Croatia should resort to was building a fence along the green border which, according to Milanovic is “an ugly and wrong decision”, Karamarko said that every country must control its borders by military or police forces. Karamarko added that refugees entering Croatia mist be treated in accordance with high humanitarian aid standards.

Refugees must be directed towards legal border crossings, registered and provided with maximum humanitarian aid, he said adding that Croatia’s neighbours Slovenia, Austria and Hungary, which have done that, expect Croatia to do it as well.

Karamarko said he regretted the statement by Slovenian Interior Minister Vesna Gyorkos Znidar that Croatians are not communicating and abiding by European regulations but acting only as transporters. Karamarko said he didn’t want anyone to accuse Croatia of having a disorganised government and of being incapable.

“Croatia must accept the quotas assigned to it, but it also must be only a transit country for that part of refugees that are not in the quota. The number of migrants leaving Croatia to enter Hungary and Slovenia should be the number that is allowed to enter Croatia and we shall provide for the refugees that we should receive according to the quotas. This will be our proposal for handling this problem,” he said.