Kosovo legislators take to restaurant after third tear gas attack


A restaurant in Kosovo’s legislature building was turned into an improvised parliament chamber Saturday by members of the majority party after yet another night of scuffles with the opposition ending in the release of tear gas, legislators said.

Opposition members released tear gas in the legislative chambers for the third time this month Friday night, a prelude to clashes between police and opposition supporters outside the building.

It took members of the majority until Saturday morning to regroup, and then only in a restaurant in the building under strong police protection.

Opposition members said the Saturday meeting was illegal.

“Parliament doesn’t exist any more,” said Ramush Haradinaj, a former prime minister.

Opposition members have vowed to stop legislative work until the government agrees to renege on an EU-negotiated deal that would provide some autonomy to a Serbian minority living in Kosovo’s north. The opposition says such a move would violate the constitution by splitting the country.