KP Oli becomes Nepal’s new prime minister


– KP Sharma Oli became the 38th prime minister of Nepal on Sunday, winning a parliamentary vote by a majority.

Oli was elected by 338 votes, while his only competitor, outgoing Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, received 249 votes.

The remaining parliamentarians in the 601-member chamber, mostly those representing protesting parties, refrained from voting

Nepal’s parliament includes 31 parties. Fourteen of them threw their weight behind Oli, making his nomination possible.

“I am filing my nomination to ensure national unity, consensus and national development,” Oli had said as he announced his candidacy before parliament.

He said his focus would be on post-earthquake reconstruction and to sort out the prolonged anti-constitution strikes in the south of the country.

Oli’s nomination as premier is being viewed as significant at a time when Nepal has been facing a severe fuel shortage caused by the trade embargo allegedly imposed by India in the face of violent protests in the south by the Madheshi community.

The voting came about after the president iisued a directive to form a majority government, after the parities missed the October 8 deadline to form a national unity government, as set out in the new constitution from September 20.