Legos in short supply as Christmas looms


Copenhagen (dpa) – Danish toymaker Lego said Wednesday it is struggling to meet the huge demand for its colourful bricks and may be unable to deliver some new orders in time for Christmas.

“The phenomenal demand we experienced in the first half of the year was much higher than we, our customers and forecasts predicted. This means that our factories worldwide are under pressure,” a Lego spokesman told dpa.

But Legos that have already been ordered will be delivered by Christmas, he said.

“Although we are doing everything we can … we will not be able to deliver all the additional products that retailers in several European countries have requested for 2015,” he stated, but added that he could not say which sets are affected and where Lego will be in short supply at Christmas.

Lego is heading for record profits in 2015, with revenues for the first half rising 18 per cent as measured in local currency compared to the previous year. The strong sales figures are in large part due to the enduring popularity of Lego classics such as Lego City and Technic.

There are plans to invest in factories in Mexico, Hungary and Denmark by 2022 “in order to meet the rising demand for Lego products,” Lego said in a statement Wednesday.

From November, the Danish firm will expand its production plant in Mexico and create a predicted 3000 new jobs in the coming years. Over the longer term, Lego plans to research whether its bricks can be made from more sustainable materials than plastic, at its headquarters in Billund, Denmark.