Milijan Brkic says party not abandoning its platform


The secretary-general of the main opposition Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, Milijan Brkic, on Friday dismissed media reports that the HDZ had abandoned its election platform called “Croatia 5+” and that Miljenko Manjkas had been replaced as a media advisor to the HDZ president.

Some media outlets and Social Democratic Party (SDP) officials have claimed lately that the HDZ’s platform was a copy of the platform of a candidate for the Bosnian Serb entity parliament, which Brkic strongly dismissed, insisting that the HDZ was a nation-building party with its own plan and strategy.

“The HDZ is a serious party, the biggest in the history of the Croatian nation, a nation-building party that has its own plan and strategy,” Brkic said, stressing that the party’s election campaign was divided in three parts and that the first part was conducted in July among local HDZ branches.

“We are now in the second phase of the campaign when we are organising meetings to present our platform, what we intend to do and what we have been working on in the last three years during which time we have been preparing seriously to take over the leadership of the state,” said Brkic.

He stressed that the party would not change anything about its campaign and that next week it would launch a new slogan, “We Live Croatia”.

In the third, last stage of the campaign, the HDZ will be motivating its members, sympathisers and potential voters to go to the polls, he said.

He described claims about the HDZ giving up on its platform as an attempt at manipulation by the incumbent government. (Hina)