President says 8 Oct 1991 one of most important dates in Croatia’s history


President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic extended her best wish to all Croatians and citizens of Croatia here and abroad on the occasion of Independence Day, saying that the final declaration of independence on 8 October 1991 was one of the most important days in Croatia’s history, and adding that Croatia needed to be proud of its accomplishments and create room for development through unity.

“State independence has through centuries been an unachieved dream for many Croatian generations. Therefore, the declaration of state independence on 8 October 1991 is one of the most important days in Croatia’s history,” the president said in her message.

“This is the day when we remember with respect all those who had helped achieve this historic goal, starting with Croatia’s first president Franjo Tudjman and Croatian war veterans, who in those times suffered the most difficult blows from the aggressor. State independence is the foundation stone of our freedom. Independence is the first condition for us to be able to successfully build democracy and a just and successful society and to have a place among nations and states in Europe and the World that we deserve.

We have achieved a lot in this brief time and we need to be proud of our achievements. We are faced with new tasks now, primarily to overcome the crisis, achieve a strong economic development, create new life prospects, notably for the young people. We need unity which will strengthen our confidence and faith into the future which will awaken our creative potential and crate room for overall development of our beautiful country.

Let us celebrate this holiday! Let us hoist the Croatian flag as a sign of our pride and freedom!” the president said in her message. (Hina)