Project for interactive data base on businesses in Zagreb County presented

Zagreb, 13.06.2015. – SPICA – Tkalca – Photo by Zvonimir Krstulovic/START PRESS

The project “In Entrepreneur – An Interactive Entrepreneur Data Base” is aimed at facilitating a culture of entrepreneurship and development of a positive attitude to life-long learning, it was said on Monday at a presentation of the project whose beneficiary is Zagreb County.

The project is worth HRK 265,600, of which 95% is financed by the EU and the remaining 5% by Zagreb County and the Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts, project manager Gordana Radonic said. The project is co-financed from the European Social Fund as part of the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 and it will last until the end of July 2016.

Radonic said the project was aimed at strengthening cooperation between entrepreneurs and supporting institutions (the chamber of trades and crafts, entrepreneurs’ associations, etc.), local and regional self-government units and educational institutions in Zagreb County.

The project will include 15 workshops to be attended by 200 students in eight towns in Zagreb County. The project also includes the creation and promotion of a new, single interactive data base with information on entrepreneurs in Zagreb County, promotion of education for entrepreneurship and life-long learning, participation of entrepreneurs at fairs in five cities in Zagreb County, three conferences promoting the project, etc.

The purpose of this promotional campaign is to encourage entrepreneurs to register in the data base that will enable access to updated information and the search for a business by its name, owner and activity, as well as facilitate communication between small and medium business owners and supporting institutions, etc.

The interactive data base will be available on the Zagreb County web page. (Hina)