Protesting veterans to remain in tent until their demands are met


We will remain here until all our demands are met and we believe that the Croatian people will fulfil our first demand at the parliamentary elections on November 8 by removing the minister of veterans’ affairs and his deputy and assistant from office, the informal leader of protesting veterans, Djuro Glogoski, told a press conference in a tent outside the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs in Zagreb on Tuesday.

“Veterans’ organisations have been trying to establish dialogue with Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Predrag Matic and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, but we always came up against a brick wall. This government has demonstrated great disrespect and arrogance towards the veterans since the outset, constantly ignoring efforts by veterans’ organisations to establish dialogue, while at the same time belittling the veterans and the Homeland War with the help of the media,” Glogoski said.

“The ministry and the government did not give priority to those who created the Croatian state, but to those who were involved in the armed rebellion. It took Milanovic 200 days to receive veterans and none of their problems has been resolved to date,” Glogoski said, stressing that people who had been involved in the military aggression against Croatia now received pensions from this country. “By equalising the victim and the aggressor they want to humiliate the Croatian war veterans and the families of those killed. We will never accept that.”

When asked if he would support any particular party at the forthcoming parliamentary elections, Glogoski said that “veterans can think for themselves and know who they will vote for.” “Many veterans are members of different political parties. We are not creating divisions, but unity. We have seen who is creating divisions in this country,” he added.

Veterans set up a tent outside the ministry’s building last year on Tuesday, demanding the resignation of the minister, his deputy and assistant and a constitutional law that would regulate their rights.

Commenting on this protest on Tuesday, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said: “I had hoped it (the tent) would stay there until the elections so that the citizens could see the true nature of this project, whose aim has been to topple the government and cause chaos. It has failed, it will fail and I don’t know if they will feel uneasy about it.”