Putin, Vucic support dialogue on regional stability


Russia and Serbia have agreed solutions for a faster development of their relations and they support political dialogue for peace and stability in the Balkans, it was said after talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Moscow on Thursday, the Belgrade electronic media reported.

Vucic ended his three-day visit to Moscow by meeting with Putin and after the talks between the two countries’ delegations, Vucic and Putin held one-on-one talks. Details of those talks were not released.

Putin told reporters after the talks that he was aware that the global economy was in a bad state but that regardless of that, Russia’s economic cooperation with Serbia was good.

Russia and Serbia support political dialogue on a number of issues, with special attention being attached to support to peace and stability in the Balkans. The two countries have conducted a traditionally active political dialogue which encompasses a broad range of issues concerning bilateral cooperation and international topics, Putin’s office said in a statement.

After his meeting with the Russian head of state, Vucic would not reveal its details to reporters.

The Belgrade media said that Vucic had agreed with Putin a lower price of Russian gas for Serbia after previously a memorandum was signed to expand the gas storage facility at Banatski Dvor.

Even though it had been announced that Vucic and Putin would also discuss the purchase of Russian weapons for the Serbian army, no details on that topic were released after today’s meeting.

The Serbian media quoted Vucic as saying that he and Putin had discussed cooperation in the military industry, underlining that it had been agreed that Serbia would overhaul Russian helicopters to be transferred to Serbia from Poland and the Czech Republic and that that meant “new jobs for Serbia.”

“We will probably be looking for more experts and hire a large number of people to work on the overhaul of Russian helicopters. That is important economic news for our country,” Vucic told reporters, announcing the hiring of machine technicians and engineers.

Accompanying Vucic on his visit to Russia was a large delegation of political officials and business people. This was the third meeting between the Serbian PM and the Russian president in the last 15 months.