Real estate offered by Sanader as bail without clear titles


Former prime minister and former president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Ivo Sanader is to remain in investigative custody for the time being as his proposal for bail to be posted was rejected by the Zagreb County Court with the explanation that the documents for the properties proposed to cover the bail did not have clear titles which means that the state would not be be able to cash in on it if Sanader was to go on the run.

After the Supreme Court quashed the verdict against Sanader in the Fimi Media case last week the court ordered a retrial and set bail at 12.4 million kuna, Sanader’s defence team then said they would propose two properties as bail. The two properties however, do not have clear titles and are insufficient as guarantees, the court’s spokesman Kresimir Devcic told reporters after the court made its decision earlier in the day.

After the hearing the prosecution told reporters that Sanader’s motion had been denied without disclosing the reason why. Sanader’s defence team did not speak to reporters after the hearing so it is not clear whether they will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, which can be lodged within three days of the decision.

“The defence always has the possibility to resubmit other real estate, cash or movable property or anything else that has its value and can be easily settled (cashed in),” Devcic said.