Sanader’s defence proposes posting property as bail

The defence team for a former prime minister and a former leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Ivo Sanader, has managed to secure two properties and has requested that they be accepted by the court as bail for their client.
“We have two properties,” one of Sanader’s counsels, Jadranka Slokovic told reporters. She stopped short of saying whose properties were in question.
Zagreb Count Court spokesman Kresimir Devcic told Hina that the court had received the defence’s proposal and that it would consider the matter, without specifying when that might be. Once the decision is made, the parties have the right to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.
Sanader’s defence on Friday submitted the properties as bail in the Fimi Media trial after the Supreme Court on Thursday quashed a ruling against Sanader and extended investigative custody with the option of bail of HRK 12.4 million.
One of Sanader’s attorneys, Cedo Prodanovic, on Thursday said that some of the people who had offered their property as bail for Sanader in an earlier case of his conditional release had expressed their readiness to do the same again now.
The Supreme Court on Thursday annulled the verdict against Sanader and other defendants in the case, including the HDZ as a legal entity, and ordered a retrial, citing violations of the procedure and of the defendants’ right to a fair trial.