Singapore hospital to screen 951 people after Hepatitis C outbreak


A public hospital in Singapore is screening 951 patients and healthcare workers following an outbreak of Hepatitis C that has infected over 20 people, local press reported on Friday.

In a statement sent to local broadsheet The Straits Times, the Singapore General Hospital said it is contacting 678 patients who stayed in its renal wards from January to June. The others to be checked are 273 health care workers.

The hospital announced on Tuesday that 22 patients had been infected with Hepatitis C, and did not rule out the possibility that the disease contributed to the deaths of four of them.

The possible source of the infections is still being traced, the hospital said.

All infected patients had been hospitalised with kidney problems between April and June.

The Ministry of Health said that it had earlier been notified by the hospital of Hepatitis C cases, but that these cases were not reported in its weekly infectious diseases bulletin as they had not been classified as acute.