Slovenia asks other countries for help in protecting border with Croatia


Slovenia has asked a number of Schengen Area countries for the help of their police forces in the protection of its border with Croatia because migrants are crossing it en masse, Interior Minister Vesna Gyoerkoes Znidar said on Slovenian Television on Wednesday, without specifying which countries.

Asked if Slovenia would enable a better flow of migrants to the north in agreement with the police forces of Croatia and Austria, which is now problematic and causing bottlenecks in Slovenia and on the Croatian-Serbian border, she reiterated that Croatia “isn’t honouring agreements” and that it was not coordinating the flow of migrants together with the Slovenian police, but had taken the “comfortable position” of transporting them towards Slovenia.

She said Slovenia was doing everything with the migrants that it had the duty to do as a member of the Schengen area and that Slovenian police were investing a lot of effort to agree with Austria a bigger transit of migrants from Slovenia. She estimated that Austria would soon stop receiving migrants, saying that Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner told her last week that Austria’s capacities for their reception were too small and that it had difficulties with their transit to Germany.

The Slovenian minister accused Croatia of the difficulties in communication and the problems with too many migrants, saying Slovenia was the smallest country on the migrant route and that it could not allow a high number of people staying on its territory for any longer period of time.

The Slovenian minister said the current situation was very difficult but still under control.

Slovenian police estimate that nearly 25,000 migrants entered from Croatia since Saturday and that Austria has taken in about 10,000. They said in a statement on their website that Austria and Slovenia assessed the cooperation in the migrant issue as good so far and that they would enhance it, and that the Croatian police chief had given guarantees to his Slovenian counterpart at a meeting in Vienna earlier on Wednesday that communication between the Croatian and Slovenian police forces concerning the arrival of refugees on the Slovenian border would be improved.