Slovenia sends 140 soldiers to frontier with Croatia


Although Slovenia did not yet enact amendments to the defence law, some 140 soldiers had been sent to Slovenia’s southern frontier on Tuesday afternoon, according to local media.

The enacted amendments will enable the troops to perform additional tasks alongside offering logistic support to the police engaged to control the border with Croatia, while handling an increasing number of refugees and migrants in transit through Croatia and Slovenia on their way towards northern and western European countries.

Media outlets quoted Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar as saying that he would not rule out the deployment of armoured vehicles or erecting a fence along the 670-kilometre-long border.

Amendments to Slovenia’s defence law that would enable sending army troops to help police protect the border has sufficient support and the law could be adopted by parliament today and come into force as of tomorrow, Prime Minister Cerar said on Tuesday after meeting with the leaders of political parties in that country.

Hungary’s decision to seal its border with Croatia and Serbia has rerouted migrants and since the refugee crisis spilled over to Slovenia last Friday, a total of 19,500 have passed from Croatia into Slovenia.

On Tuesday only, 2,000 migrants proceeded further to Austria.

Nina Prnat of the Slovenian Health Ministry said today that up to 5% of migrants entering Slovenia needed medical care, and most of those patients were treated by medical teams for exhaustion, headache, virus infections and blisters.