Slovenia won’t be putting up wire fence along border with Croatia


The Slovenian government’s chief coordinator for migrants, Bostjan Sefic, told a regular press briefing in Ljubljana on Wednesday that Slovenia was optimistic that the countries affected by the migrant crisis would honour the agreements reached.

However, Slovenia “is not naive” and there are various scenarios and plans to protect vulnerable sections of the border with Croatia. If the situation deteriorated, control of the green border would be stepped up to prevent migrants crossing the border illegally and barriers would be put up at international border crossings to better control the migrant wave, Sefic said, denying speculation that the government had already ordered a fence from Poland.

“We haven’t bought anything and there’s no such fence in Slovenia,” he said, following a statement by Prime Minister Miro Cerar that he would do all he could to protect Slovenian national interests, including putting up a fence as protection against the migrants.

Sefic warned that the Slovenian border with Croatia is 670 kilometres long and impossible to fence off. He said that a fence would be useless if there were no police or military personnel behind it.