Support for Japanese cabinet slips amid economy concerns


Tokyo (dpa) – The approval rating for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet fell to 41 per cent as more people doubt the premier’s economic policies, a survey showed Monday.

Support for the cabinet dropped 3 percentage points from the previous survey conducted by the Nikkei business daily and TV Tokyo soon after the premier reshuffled his cabinet on October 7.

The disapproval rating for Abe’s cabinet was unchanged at 42 per cent, Monday’s survey showed.

Only 25 per cent of those polled expected the economy to improve under Abe’s much-heralded economic policies dubbed Abenomics, down from 36 per cent in March, a separate survey by the Nikkei showed.

The survey also showed 58 per cent did not foresee an improvement in the economy, up from 47 per cent in March.

More analysts predicted that the world’s third-largest economy would suffer another technical recession due to sluggish spending and China’s slow economic growth.

The economy had experienced a brief recession last year after the government raised the country’s sales tax to 8 per cent in April 2014 from 5 per cent, the first hike in 17 years.

The recession prompted Abe to decide the scheduled another hike in the tax to 10 per cent in October 2015 would be put off until April 2017.

The survey by Nikkei and TV Tokyo also showed 36 per cent supported the tax hike itself while 56 per cent opposed it.