Taliban carry out sporadic attacks in Kunduz city


Kabul (dpa) – Several days after Afghanistan’s government announced the retaking of Kunduz city by security forces, Taliban were still carrying out sporadic hit-and-run attacks in the city Tuesday.

“Taliban have infiltrated some locations inside the city, from where they launch attacks every day,” said Hamdullah Danishi, the acting governor of Kunduz province.

Afghan forces took back all government buildings on October 1, but fighting with Taliban forces has continued in pockets ever since.

“Taliban attacked the Kunduz police headquarters this morning, but we were successful in pushing them back. Heavy clashes continue,” said Abdullah Guard, head of Kunduz Special Forces Police.

Meanwhile, UN emergency relief spokesman Jens Laerke said in Geneva that all humanitarian agencies have left Kunduz following the US airstrike on a hospital.

Water and electricity remained cut off on Monday in Kunduz, food markets were closed, and thousands of people have fled, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

“There are presently no humanitarian agencies left inside Kunduz city,” Laerke said.

Aid organizations are currently unable to access the city because Taliban and government forces keep fighting, the airport is closed, and road bombs and ambushes present additional risks, he explained.

Kunduz city has been the battleground for Afghan forces and Taliban since September 28 when Taliban fighters overran the city.

Although the government sent in reinforcements, it has not been been able to secure the city.

In Kabul, four suicide bombers attacked the house of a former governor but failed to kill their target, police said.

One suicide bomber blew up a car packed with explosives at the gate of the house of Naeem Baluch, the former governor of Helmand, while three others went inside, said Kabul police spokesman Ebadullah Karimi.

“The only fatalities were the four suicide bombers. Seven guards were lightly injured,” Karimi said.

The attack began late Monday, and the assailants battled police until early Tuesday. Baluch was not in his residence when the attack took place and no civilians were hurt, police said.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said they had killed a number of spies working for the administration in Kabul.

It was the first such attack after almost six weeks of relative calm in Kabul.