Two men charged over supplying gun in Sydney attack


Sydney (dpa) – Two men were charged in a Sydney court Friday with supplying the handgun to the 15-year-old schoolboy who attacked state police headquarters on October 2 and both were refused bail, a media report said.

Raban Alou, 18, did not appear in court or on the offered video link from jail where he had been held in custody for the past eight days as a suspect.

He was detained while police continued their investigation into the killing of police worker Curtis Cheng, 58, by Farhad Jabar, 15, who then died in a shootout with police.

Alou was charged with aiding, abetting, procuring and counseling a terrorist act, the broadcaster ABC reported.

Alou is alleged to have talked to Jabar for two hours at a mosque and then out of sight of CCTV cameras gave the gun to Jabar just minutes before Jabar walked 200 metres to the police headquarters and killed the first person he saw coming out of the building.

Alou’s lawyer told reporters outside the court that police were relying on circumstantial evidence and there was no direct evidence linking his client to the crime.

“Raban will be fighting these charges,” lawyer Moustafa Kheir said, ABC reported.

Alleged criminal gang member Talal Alemeddine, 22, is charged with selling the gun to Alou and was also refused bail.

Both men will return to court in December.