17 policemen injured in rioting in Pristina


Seventeen policemen were injured, of whom two seriously, in a violent protest in the Kosovo capital Pristina on Tuesday following an incident in parliament, and a court issued an order for the arrest of four opposition MPs, electronic media in Belgrade said.

The order for the arrest of Albin Kurti, leader of the Self-Determination movement, and three other opposition lawmakers was issued after they again disrupted a session of parliament using tear gas and pepper spray.

The incident in the parliament chamber was followed by clashes between protesters and the police outside the parliament building, with protesters throwing stones and red paint at the police. Twelve police and other vehicles were damaged and extensive damage was also caused to the parliament building.

Opposition lawmakers surrounded parliament speaker Kadri Veseli as he opened a session on next year’s budget proposal. Several dozen security guards were then called in and Kurti sprayed them and several cabinet ministers with pepper spray. At the same time, opposition MPs set off tear gas in the parliament chamber, prompting the speaker to adjourn the session and call the chairs of the parliamentary political groups to a meeting.