Bosnia gives no info on probes into terrorist attacks


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s law enforcement authorities are investigating two recent terrorist attacks in the country: the attack which happened on 18 November when 34-year-old attacker Enes Omeragic killed two soldiers during a shooting spree at the betting booth, and the attack one which happened last Tuesday when an unidentified attacker hurled an explosive dive at the roof of the police station in Zavidovici — but no headway seems to be made in those probes, local media reported on Thursday.

The Office of the Chief State Prosecutor has taken over the investigations into the incidents labelled as terrorist attacks, but has not yet made any official comment.
The State investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) director, Perica Stanic, was quoted by the “Dnevni Avaz” daily as saying that any publication of preliminary findings would jeopardise the further course of the investigations.

Stanic, however, said that the arrest of Elma Djulsinac, a Serbian citizen, in Bosnia on Wednesday had no connection with the said incidents.

The 21-year-old girl Djulsinac was arrested in Kalesija near Tuzla on suspicion that she is a threat to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national security. She is the common-law wife of Enes Mesic, who has criminal records as a radical Islamist. She is now waiting for deportation to Serbia.