Bosnian Salafi leader given 7 yrs for inciting to terrorism


The State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday found Husein Bilal Bosnic, a leader of a radical Islamic community in Bosnia, guilty of inciting to terrorism and the joining of terrorist organisation, sentencing him to seven years’ imprisonment pending appeal.

Bosnic was arrested in September 2014. Until then, he was an imam in Buzim, a village in northwestern Bosnia, and the informal leader of the Salafi community in the country. He was charged with inviting his followers to join Islamic State and fight for its goals in Syria and Iraq. During trial, the prosecution said that six of them were killed in Syria or Iraq.

The prosecution welcomed the sentence but said that it would appeal its duration, as during trial it asked for the maximum 20 years’ imprisonment.

Bosnic’s attorney Adil Lozo said the sentence was politically motivated and that he would appeal.

Bosnic was arrested as part of anti-terrorist clamp-down alongside dozens more, but has been the only one to have been indicted.