Brasseur: Cooperation, integration response to refugee crisis, not walls


Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly President Anne Brasseur said in Sarajevo on Monday that Europe must guarantee protection and provide prospects for the refugees fleeing war and poverty, stressing that common solutions were not obstacles and walls but accepting refugees as a potential wealth and integrating them.

This is real drama, not happening just in Europe, but the world over, as 60 million people are on the move, which is a global problem, she told reporters, saying that no country in Europe could deal with this challenge alone.

Brasseur called for helping countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, the first exposed to the refugee crisis, but also Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain as countries through which refugees were also trying to reach Europe.

She said the CoE Parliamentary Assembly had taken a clear stand on the crisis, suggesting steps that need to be taken, but stressed that the most important thing was to integrate the refugees.

She said the prerequisite for integration was that Europe accepted them as a potential wealth and sought solutions for their inclusion in democracies. The European Convention on Human Rights must be unconditionally honoured in dealing with the refugee crisis and walls and obstacles cannot be a response worthy of Europe because they are not the way to solve problems, Brasseur said.