Bridge leader calls for dealing with public, forgetting private matters


The president of the Bridge alliance, Bozo Petrov, said on Sunday that its coming third in the parliamentary election was a big success as well as responsibility towards everyone in Croatia and those who voted today, and that the alliance’s main message was – dealing with the public and forgetting the private.

Too much time has passed for sorting out past relations and the time has come to call and bring together all honest people who are willing to work for the benefit of togetherness, Petrov said, adding that in order to deal with the many problems, painful cuts would be necessary, cuts which would affect “our families and friends too” but which should be made.

Our message is “dealing with the public and forgetting the private, and we mustn’t betray and let down our voters,” Petrov said, adding that he expected all other political options and institutions to do the same and join in working together for Croatia’s benefit.

He called on all those in authority to try and build a better system. “Let’s be ready to make sacrifices without calculations and let’s build Croatia together.”

“The most important thing is to encourage the competitiveness of our economy. We expect a territorial overhaul of local and regional government, reforms in the public sector, which means bringing professional managers in companies, employing according to skills and not affiliation, judicial reforms, closing cases in a year and not in ten, as is the case today. We’ll rather have a new election than another incompetent government. We believe that an election costs far less than another incompetent government,” Petrov said.