Bridge leader: Official talks on conditions for support to start this week


The leader of the alliance of independent candidates called Most (Bridge), Bozo Petrov, said on Monday evening that this week they would hold official talks with representatives of the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition and the SDP’s Croatia Is Growing coalition on conditions under which they would support the new government in parliament.

Petrov confirmed he had been contacted by representatives of the two coalitions, but stressed that it was not in an official capacity. He made it clear that official dialogue would begin after they sat at the table to present their conditions and see which side would agree to them.

“Our conditions are reforms and we prioratised them today at a meeting of our National Council,” Petrov said in interviews with national television channels.

When asked if they would join the government if their conditions were accepted, Petrov said that this was not the reason why their alliance was established. “We are not interested in positions. We have possibilities of control if necessary. We have said at least a hundred times that we will not enter any coalitions and our word is sacred to us. But since people have been deceived all these years, we have had it certified by a notary public.”

“There will be no coalition. What we will insist on are reforms and we can ensure that by controlling the majority in parliament. If either side agrees to the reforms and time limits, but fails to fulfil them, they will face a no-confidence vote in the government because in the end it is cheaper to organise elections than put up with another incompetent government over the next four years,” Petrov said.

He said that senior Bridge official Drago Prgomet had today denied the insinuation that he wanted the post of prime minister for himself.

“We want the members of parliament to be evaluated according to their performance. Their salary should start at 9,999 kuna and if after a year they show they have done something, their salary may be increased. That’s the way we should be functioning, according to performance,” Petrov told the RTL television channel when asked if the members of parliament from Bridge would renounce a portion of their salaries as he had in his capacity as mayor of the southern town of Metkovic.