Bridge leader Prgomet meets SDP chief Milanovic


Drago Prgomet, a leader of the alliance of independent slates known as Bridge, held an hour-long meeting with Social Democratic Party (SDP) president, Zoran Milanovic, in Zagreb on Wednesday evening, according to some media, and later in the evening Prgomet confirmed that meeting with a short explanation that he does not shrink from talks.

Later in the night, Prgomet was no longer available to the media for any further statements, and neither was another Bridge leader, Bozo Petrov, so it remained unclear whether Prgomet met Milanovic on his own or on behalf of Bridge.

Prgomet had not attended a meeting of the Bridge leadership on Wednesday evening, and after that meeting Petrov said that “the conduct of Bridge today shows that we are homogeneous and insinuations coming from other political camps make no sense.”

Earlier in the day, Bridge, which won 19 seats in parliament in elections this past Sunday and without which neither the SDP nor the HDZ-led coalition can form an absolute parliamentary majority, proposed forming a government of national unity, comprising the SDP and the HDZ-led coalitions and Bridge.

HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko immediately dismissed such an option, and the SDP reportedly also rejected the proposal.