Bridge MP says SDP offered her position in executive authority


An MP of the Bridge party, Ines Strenja Linic, told Hina on Sunday that the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had offered her, through a go-between, a position in the executive authority if she supported the SDP to form the new government, but that she declined.

“Others in Bridge are being approached too,” she said, adding that she had informed the party’s president, Bozo Petrov, and spokesman Nikola Grmoja, about the SDP offer.

“They are trying to rank us left or right, but we are united and want a reformist government,” Strenja Linic said.

Grmoja confirmed that she received an offer from the SDP. “Our deputy received, indirectly from (SDP leader Zoran) Milanovic, an offer to choose what she wants, that they are close to 76 (the number of MPs required to form the new government), just to choose an office, what she wants essentially, that there’s no problem,” he told Hina.

Grmoja said it now remained to be seen if anyone would leave Bridge, becoming independent. “Those who do so are raising their price. If they are in Bridge, the talks are about reforms, and when you become independent, you raise your price and can make demands.”