Bridge party discussing reforms it will offer to HDZ and SDP


The National Council and the elected parliamentary deputies of the Bridge party have been meeting this weekend to hammer out a proposal for reforms they will offer to the HDZ and SDP coalitions next week for consideration, and one of the party’s members, Ivan Kovacic, told Hina on Sunday that their work was proceeding well.

Kovacic said that the public would be informed about details of their proposal successively as each reform was discussed with the two coalitions. He noted that they did not expect an answer to a particular reform on the same day it was discussed, but that the public would be informed every day about topics being discussed.

“Negotiators from the HDZ and the SDP will probably also need time to discuss our proposals, but the public will know which of our proposals are on the agenda of the negotiations,” Kovacic said, expressing his confidence that each proposal would take two to three days to consider before it was accepted or rejected.

Asked to be more specific about the reforms being discussed, he said that they had discussed entrepreneurship and industry around noon and that discussion on public administration, regional and local government and judicial reform would follow.

Asked if he could estimate the cost of the reforms they were proposing, Kovacic said that some, like irrigation, would require huge amounts of money, while many did not cost much but would save a lot and their implementation only required a political decision.

He could not say when and where the party would meet next. “Maybe we reach an agreement with the SDP and the HDZ next week and our further consultations will not be necessary. In any case, the public will know where we will meet, it won’t be a secret. God forbid that we should withhold anything from the public.”

The party’s media coordinator, Nikola Grmoja, told Hina that Bridge would insist on negotiations being held only in the offices of the SDP, HDZ or Bridge. The initial talks with the two parties were held in hotels in Zagreb at their proposal, he said.

Kovacic dismissed the media speculation that Bridge was falling apart as “completely unfounded”, saying that all elected deputies but one, who was absent for good reasons, were attending the meeting. He added that Grmoja had left home in the afternoon for family reasons.