Bridge proposes gov’t comprising HDZ, SDP and Bridge


The coalition of independent slates MOST (Bridge) proposes forming a government consisting of the Patriotic Coalition, the Croatia Is Growing coalition and Bridge, and it believes that at present Croatia needs unity, Bridge leader Bozo Petrov said on Wednesday at a news conference held after the first talks with the Social Democratic Party (SDP), which leads the Croatia Is Growing coalition, and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), which leads the Patriotic Coalition.

“We, members of Bridge, have easily managed to overcome differences regarding our world views because we know that the economic situation is a priority at the moment. That is how we have approached both the SDP and the HDZ,” said Petrov.

He said that he expected both parties to understand and accept that and to make an effort to establish a government comprising the coalitions led by the HDZ and the SDP and Bridge.

Anything else would be a betrayal of voters of Bridge, which was supported both by left and by right-wing voters because they support the idea that Croatia can go forward and that unity is required, said Petrov.

Petrov believes that Bridge can be a mediator of that unity and that after 25 years the HDZ and the SDP must put an end to mutual animosity and harsh words.

“That is our position and we will insist on it,” said Petrov, adding that a decision on the prime minister designate would be made after the first and second round of negotiations with the two big coalitions.