Cerar not ruling out technical barriers on Slovenia-Croatia border


Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Tuesday dismissed criticism that his government had been negligent and disorganised in the migrant crisis, and said that he did not rule out barriers on the Croatian border in case Germany closed its border for migrants.

If Austria and Germany close their borders for migrants or limit the number they will receive, the Slovenian government would adopt the same measures, possibly the setting up of “technical barriers” on the frontier with Croatia, he told reporters.

“The effort Slovenia is investing to help migrants is worthy of respect. We are giving a good example of protection of European values, human rights, solidarity and human dignity,” he said, conceding that there had been some bad, but isolated examples, and that as prime minister he could not agree to generalisation.

Cerar said that Slovenia, given its size, was helping migrants more than other countries, for which he thanked the police, the army, volunteers and all other services handling the migrant flow. “One should bear in mind that many of these people come to Slovenia exhausted, hungry and thirsty, and we help them all, paying special attention to vulnerable groups.”

He said the cooperation with Croatia in agreeing on the influx of migrants was better than before and that he was satisfied with it, although there was room for improving it.