Chinese naval ships make first port call in Cuba


A flotilla of Chinese warships arrived in Cuba Tuesday to promote military ties between the countries, the commanding officer said.

The ships visiting Havana are a guided-missile destroyer, a guided missile frigate and a supply ship, CNTV reported.

“After 55 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, we share the same ideas, to pursue the same goal as always and we follow on the same road in the construction of socialism,” said Wang Jianxun, the commander of the flotilla.

Some of the most modern ships in the Chinese navy are in the flotilla.

The warships arrived from the United States after carrying out manoeuvres with the US Navy in the Atlantic.

The flotilla will spend four days in Cuba and will carry out exercises with the Cuban navy.

The ships will next sail through the Panama Canal, visit Mexico and then Hawaii before returning home.