Croatia to raise temporary refugee accommodation capacity to 5,000


Croatia has announced that it will increase its capacity for the temporary accommodation of refugees to 5,000 by the end of the year, the European Commission said on Thursday, publishing the results of yesterday’s video conference of contact points for refugees.

At the first video conference on October 29, four countries on the Balkan refugee route said they could immediately provide temporary accommodation for a total of 12,000 people – Croatia for 2,000, Austria for 5,000, Serbia for 3,000, and Slovenia for 2,000.

Croatia has now upped its capacity to 5,000 people, Serbia can take another 3,000, Slovenia sticks by 2,000, and Austria is still discussing a capacity increase.

One of the most important decisions of an October 25 summit on the Balkan refugee route was the promise by the participating countries that they would build by year’s end facilities for the temporary accommodation of 50,000 in Greece and another 50,000 in the other countries along the route.

The Commission said that its officials would visit the capitals of those countries in the weeks ahead to discuss requirements and financial aid. They are due in Zagreb on Friday.

The Commission also said that the daily exchange of information on refugees was working, which was also one of the promises of the summit.