Croatian dairy starts exporting to South Korea


Belje, a food processing company which is part of the Agrokor concern, has sent its first shipment of its ABC cheese spread to the South Korean market and the export deal was realised as part of an agreement on business cooperation with the multinational company Lotte, Belje reported on Monday.

Business cooperation between Belje and Lotte has been agreed at the Seoul Food 2015 food and drink fair, the statement said.

Lotte conglomerate is a multinational food, chemicals and shopping corporation with headquarters in South Korea and Japan. Lotte Group consists of over 60 business units employing 60,000 people engaged in diverse industries such as candy manufacturing, beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and entertainment.

Belje Management Board President Dalibor Poznic said ABC cheese spread was Belje’s flagship export product, adding that of the total production of ABC cheese spread, 52% was for foreign markets. Apart from South Korea, ABC cheese spread is also exported to Arab countries, the statement said.