Croatian Serb leader claims intolerance, nationalism rising


Addressing an election rally of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) in Pula on Tuesday evening, SDSS Vice-President Milorad Pupovac said that “intolerance, nationalism, chauvinism and pro-Fascist messages have been on the rise in Croatia” in the past three or four years.

Pupovac, a candidate on the SDSS slate for the 8 November parliamentary election, said that intolerance had been targeted against members of all ethnic minorities, notably ethnic Serbs and left-wing and liberal parties and political parties embracing Social Democrat values, explaining that they had been declared public enemies.

He said that those who conducted such anti-minority campaigns justified their actions by “love for their own country”.

“I wonder what this love looks like if they don’t like other elements of that country only because they have a different political opinion or ideas or belong to a different ethnic group,” the SDSS official said.

As for the latest developments in the SDSS after a few officials left the party, Pupovac ruled out any rift. However, he accused those who had left the SDSS of being guided “by a major and strong political party”.