Ex-Yugoslav agent refuses extradition to Croatia


Former Yugoslav secret service agent Vinko Sindicic, arrested in Spain last week on an Interpol warrant issued by Croatia, has refused to be handed over to Zagreb, and he will remain behind bars in Madrid until the competent Spanish court makes a decision, according to information Hina obtained from the Madrid court.

Last Monday, Sindicic was apprehended in the northern Spanish town of Burgos, after the local prosecutor’s office in the Croatian seaport of Rijeka issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion that he gave a false testimony during the 2008 trial of former Yugoslav secret police (UDBA) informer Krunoslav Prates, who was sentenced by a Munich court to life imprisonment for his role in the murder of Stjepan Djurekovic. Croatian emigre Djurekovic was brutally killed in Wolfratshausen, outside Munich, in 1983.

Sindicic served 15 years in prison for the attempted murder of Croatian emigre Nikola Stedul in Scotland in 1988. He was also on trial in Zagreb for the murder of Croatian emigre Bruno Busic in 1978, but was acquitted in 2000.