Former PM Ivo Sanader to be released from custody


A panel of judges of the Zagreb County Court on Wednesday decided to terminate the investigative custody for former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader who is likely to leave the Remetinec prison on Wednesday afternoon.

The ruling ensued after the Constitutional Court decided that Sanader must be released from investigative custody no later than November 30 unless the competent court delivers a new ruling on investigative custody by then. Croatia’s highest judicial authority concluded that the Supreme Court had unlawfully extended investigative custody for Sanader on September 30 by annulling the trial court’s verdict in the Fimi Media corruption case and returning the case to the Zagreb County Court for retrial.

The Constitutional Court noted that its ruling solely dealt with procedural matters relating to the extension of investigative custody for the accused and not with his guilt.

Sanader has been behind bars in Remetinec since November 2011, when he was found guilty for white-collar crimes in the Hypo and INA-MOL cases. Later this non-final ruling was quashed. Sanader had been extradited from Austria in July 2011, and he had been nabbed there in December 2010. He was also detained in the Remetinec jail in the period between his extradition and December 2011, when he was released on bail of HRK 12.4 million.