Greenpeace: Croatia free of imported energy, if it invests EUR 13bn in new plants


Croatia can completely transfer to its own renewable sources of energy and thus cease to be dependent on energy import, provided that it invests 13 billion euros into new energy generation plants, according to findings of a study presented by Greenpeace Croatia in Zagreb on Thursday.

The analysis was drafted by experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb and the Green Energy Cooperative, and focuses on the shift from fossil fuels to renewables by the mid-century, said Marko Gregovic of Greenpeace.

The study will be forwarded to all relevant institutions and parliamentary parties, in light of the fact that Croatia needs a long-term energy strategy based on sustainability and energy independence.

The document shows that without making any economic losses, Croatia may shift to the use of the solar energy, wind, water and other natural resources. If it invests 13 billion euros in new plants, Croatia may soon reduce the import of energy products and thus make annual savings of 4-5 billion euros, Gregovic said.

Edo Jurkic of the Green Energy Cooperative said that this would also produce a quadruple effect on the GDP rise, and help create 65,000 new jobs.