HDZ leader says SDP-HDZ-Bridge gov’t not a good idea


Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko said on Monday that the Bridge reformist coalition’s insistence on the formation of a government that would comprise Bridge, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the HDZ was not good, adding that in case an indictment against senior HDZ official Bozidar Kalmeta was issued, he expected him to resign from all party posts.

“Both they (Bridge) and we have been fighting for four years against a bad government that has brought the state into the current situation and now we should amnesty it by including its members in the new government?” Karamarko told reporters outside the HDZ offices when asked to comment on Bridge’s insistence on forming a reformist government comprising Bridge, the SDP and the HDZ.

He underlined that he saw no reason for such a government because the HDZ’s reforms were broad. “We are a reform force and this government did not want reforms,” said the HDZ chief.

Asked if a possible indictment against the mayor of Zadar and minister of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure in a former, HDZ-led government, Bozidar Kalmeta, would affect his status in the party, Karamarko said that if Kalmeta was indicted, he expected him to resign from all party posts.

The Zagreb County Court on Monday started deliberating over an indictment against Kalmeta, who is believed to have divided with his associates more than HRK 15 million and EUR 850,000 siphoned from public road construction and maintenance companies.