IKEA shop in Zagreb posts EUR 70.5M in turnover in 1st business year

IKEA Croatia stated on Tuesday that during the very first year of its business in Croatia this multinational group that sells furniture and home appliances had recorded a turnover of HRK 535.9 million or EUR 70.5 million, and announced plans for launching online sales in 2016.
The turnover in the sale of its commodities and services from 1 August 2014 to 31 August 2015 consists of 508.1 million kuna (EUR 66.9 million) and 27.8 million kuna (EUR 3.6 million) from turnover registered in IKEA Food that includes a restaurant, cafe and a shop selling products typical of Swedish cuisine.
IKEA Croatia Director Stefan Vanoverbeke told a news conference today that the company was set to launch online sales of its products from IKEA Zagreb in 2016.
He said that nearly two million shoppers had visited IKEA Zagreb in the said period.
Two thirds of shoppers were from Zagreb and Zagreb County. Buyers from Split, Osijek, Rijeka and Varazdin were frequent visitors as well.
Of all shoppers, 8% are foreigners, manly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.