Macedonia mulling fence along border with Greece


Macedonia’s armed forces on Monday began preparing the ground for possible erection of a fence along its border with Greece to slow down the influx of migrants, the private Macedonian broadcaster “TV Telma” has reported, according to the DPA news agency.

President Gjorge Ivanov was quoted as saying that the aim of this plan would be to ration the migrant influx in accordance to the acceptance capacity of European Union member states, and emphasised that the fence would be set up only if circumstances required it.

The decision goes back to a weekend national security council meeting that was called in the wake of Friday’s Paris terror attacks. Ivanov, who chairs the council, said in a statement Monday that a fence was “presently only a possibility,” the dpa reported.

Macedonia is the second country in the sequence of countries in the Balkan route after Greece where migrants are coming from Turkey.