Man kills 2 soldiers in Sarajevo, commits suicide; PM says Bosnia will protect itself


A man opened fire at and killed two members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Army in Sarajevo on Wednesday night, after which he committed suicide, Security Minister Dragan Mektic confirmed to the local media.

The killer, identified as Enes Omeragic, opened fire from a machine gun and killed two soldiers who were in a betting booth in the city’s neighbourhood of Rajlovac around 8 pm, after which he opened fire at a city bus, injuring lightly three persons.

The scene of the attack is close to an army barracks.

The victims were identified as 26-year-old Armin Salkic and 34-year-old Nedeljko Radic, a Bosniak and a Serb. Both were drivers in a military police unit stationed at the barracks in Rajlovac.

After the shooting, Omeragic escaped and hid in his house in the nearby neighbourhood of Sokolje where the police located and surrounded him, after which he committed suicide just after midnight.

An investigation is under way to establish if the attack was motivated by terrorism.

An emergency session of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held late on Wednesday night, with Deputy Defence Minister Boris Jerinic saying that the attack appeared to be a terrorist one.

“Judging by available information, this is a terrorist attack on state institutions and the armed forces,” Jerinic told the local media.

Defence Minister Marina Pendes was away on business outside the country and was being replaced by Jerinic and her other deputy, Emir Suljagic, who described the murders as a horrible crime.

A coordination meeting of representatives of the country’s security services was held in the evening, but the Interior Minister of the Federation entity, Aljosa Campara, and Federation Police Director Dragan Lukac were adamant that the police were in charge of the situation and called on citizens to remain calm.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is capable of dealing with security challenges and will not allow anyone to threaten it, Bosnian Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic said early on Thursday morning.

He added that the nature of the attack would be known after the investigation was completed.

Zvizdic confirmed that the level of alert had been raised throughout the country after last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris but that additional measures would be taken to guarantee full safety to citizens.

Zvizdic added that regardless of the attack, the country’s army would continue with its activities as planned.

“We will not discontinue our activities,” said Zvizdic.