Minister says services doing their best to make Croatia as safe as possible


Croatia’s Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojic said on Sunday that no one could guarantee that a terrorist act could not happen in Croatia but that state institutions in charge of security were doing their best to increase security and that there was no reason for fear.

“No one can guarantee you that a terrorist act cannot occur – it would be absolutely irresponsible and inappropriate. But we are doing our best with both visible and invisible activities to make the country safe,” Ostojic said in an interview with RTL.

He repeated that one of the suspects involved in the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13 had been registered at the Opatovac refugee reception centre, eastern Croatia, on October 8 when police carried out a security check and established that he was not in police data bases and that there had been no international warrant for his arrest.

“Had there been some information and had he been in police data bases, he would surely have been arrested. He passed through Greece, a country of the Schengen area of passport-free travel, and was also registered there, but he was not in police data bases,” Ostojic said, adding that it was too early to talk about whether the man’s passport was a forged one.

Ostojic said that the national body coordinating security services held a meeting on Saturday, concluding that maximum assistance should be given to French authorities in investigating the latest terrorist acts and that Croatia should introduce additional measures to step up security.