Ministry says will protect Croatian interests in Krsko nuclear power plant


The interests of Croatian companies to be involved in the construction of a dry storage facility for waste from the Krsko nuclear power plant, located in Slovenia and co-owned by Slovenia and Croatia, will be maximally protected, the Croatian Economy Ministry said on Wednesday.

Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said the facility would be worth nearly 200 million euros. He said Croatia “will do everything so that Croatian companies too can have the most proportionate share possible in that investment, in accordance with ownership and management rights. This will be done by maximally protecting energy and every other safety, work stability, but Croatian interests too.”

Jutarnji List daily reported today that preparations are under way to launch arbitration proceedings against Slovenia because of a dispute between Croatia and Slovenia over the management of the nuclear power plant. Slovenia is refusing to act on Croatia’s demand for the appointment of a new member of the two-member management board, which is being linked to Slovenia’s disinterest in solving key outstanding issues, the daily said.

One of those issues is the marked disproportion between Slovenian and Croatian companies in the plant’s maintenance and investment projects. Between 2010 and 2014, those projects were worth EUR 240 million. Croatian companies’ share in them was only 20 percent, as against Slovenia’s 63%, as a result of which Croatia fears that its companies will be pushed aside in the construction of the dry nuclear waste storage facility, the daily said.