Nearly 150,000 migrants enter Slovenia since start of crisis


A total of 148,316 migrants have entered Slovenia by 0600 Thursday and currently 6,000 of them are staying in reception centres in the country, the Slovenian police said, adding that their transfer to Austria is expected to take place during the morning and in the afternoon.

Two trains with approximately 2,000 migrants on board arrived in Dobova early on Thursday morning, A total of 1,686 are accommodated in a former factory in Dobova while others are in the reception centres in Sentilj and Gornja Radgona.

The Slovenian police expect Austria to continue to receive refugees and migrants over the border crossings of Sentilj and Jesenica.

The media today are not bringing new details about unofficial information that the Slovenian government had allegedly purchased large quantities of welded wire fence to protect parts of the so-called green Schengen border towards Croatia, and prevent a possible uncontrolled migrant influx. The information, however, has not been officially refuted.

Slovenian state official on Wednesday expressed satisfaction with communication with Croatian authorities concerning the arrival and reception of migrants and refugees and with cooperation with Austria which, despite insufficient accommodation capacities for migrants, continued to receive migrants and refugees and send them towards Germany.