Neither SDP nor HDZ parties want TIH observers at talks


The Social Democratic Party (SDP) does not intend to allow Transparency International Croatia (TIH) to observe its negotiations with Bridge, and it is in favour of making those talks open to the entire public, SDP representatives told Hina on Monday evening.

The SDP recalls that at the very beginning of the negotiations on possible post-election coalitions and government it proposed that the negotiations should be open to the public, and explains that it is against the attendance of Transparency International activists unless reporters are also allowed to cover the course of the talks.

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) official Goran Maric said earlier on Monday that the HDZ was also against having only TIH observers at the talks, explaining that also other civil society associations may have the same request.

“When they (TIH) win seats in elections, we will negotiate with them, too,” Maric said.

The head of the anti-corruption watchdog, Davorka Budimir, confirmed on Monday that Bridge had agreed to TIH’s proposal that its observers attend Bridge’s negotiations with the HDZ and the SDP on the formation of the new government.

TIH is now waiting for the written consent of the HDZ and the SDP before it joins the negotiations, she added.