Net immigration hits record high in New Zealand


Wellington (dpa) – New Zealand saw record immigration in the year to the end of June, with China and India the largest source of migrants, according to government figures.

Net immigration reached 58,300 people, as lower numbers of New Zealanders moved overseas, and more immigrants arrived, according to the Migration Trends and Outlook report released Monday.

The number of New Zealanders moving to Australia dropped from 43,600 in the 2012-2013 year to 21,800 in the 12 months to the end of June this year.

The country saw a net gain of 63,900 non-New Zealand citizens during the period. Numbers were up for tourist visas and the three main types of work visas.

India was the largest source of migrants entering under the skilled migrant category (21 per cent) followed by the Philippines (13 per cent) and the United Kingdom (11 per cent).

China was the largest source of family-sponsored migrants.

The number of resident visas was down by just 2 per cent year-on-year, but was still at 43,085. The largest source of permanent migrants to New Zealand was China (17 per cent), followed by India (16 per cent) and the UK (11 per cent).

Almost half of new arrivals went to Auckland with a net 26,800 people moving to the country’s largest city.

New measures designed to encourage migrants to move to regions outside Auckland came into effect on November 1, with applicants in the skilled migrant category earning more points if they have a job offer in another part of the country.