Petrov says Bridge continues to be homogenous


The leader of the coalition of independent slates Most (Bridge), Bozo Petrov, said that the coalition’s leadership met for the second time on Wednesday evening, after holding a meeting earlier in the day, so that its members could be informed about the course of negotiations launched with the coalitions led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

Earlier in the day, Bridge, which won 19 seats in parliament in elections this past Sunday and without which neither the SDP nor the HDZ-led coalition can form a parliamentary majority, proposed forming a government of national unity, comprising the SDP and the HDZ-led coalitions and Bridge.

The conduct of Bridge today shows that we are homogenous and insinuations coming from other political camps make no sense, Petrov said.

Bridge members confirmed to reporters that the second meeting of the coalition’s leadership today was not attended by its member Drago Prgomet because he had other obligations to attend to.

Media outlets on Wednesday evening received a statement from Bridge saying that Petrov had decided that Bridge’s communication with the public would be taken over by a public relations agency.