Prgomet forms new party – HRID


Drago Prgomet, former member of the Bridge party National Council, on Monday evening formed a new political party — HRID — which until now was an association (Croatian Initiative for Dialogue) and after the founding session, which was closed to the public, Prgomet briefly told the press HRID would remain within the political platform of the Bridge party.

“The founding session of the HRID party is finished. HRID will remain within the frameworks of the political platform of the Bridge party,” Prgomet told the press and left immediately. Although his statement to the press was announced for 1900 hours, Prgomet left the building where the founding session was held around 1830 hours.

His party colleagues Gordana Rusak and Irena Petrijevcanin Vuksanovic did not say much either.

“Everything stays the same,” Petrijevcanin Vuksanovic briefly told the press.

“After this, my support to the Bridge platform stays the same,” Rusak told the reporters.

At the November 8 parliamentary election, Petrijevcanin Vuksanovic and Rusak, as members of the HRID association, entered the parliament in constituency no.1 at the slate of the Bridge party at the helm of which was Prgomet.

One of the members of the newly founded party Josip Jelic told Hina Prgomet was unanimously elected party president at the session which was attended by some 140 people.