Seoul plans stronger anti-terrorism measures after Paris attacks


South Korea has announced a series of anti-terrorism measures in the wake of the Paris attacks, news reports said.

An additional 100 billion won (85 million dollars) would be spent on improving its navy with five armed high-speed boats, as well as strengthening measures against biological and chemical attacks, Yonhap News Agency reported Wednesday.

South Korean residents abroad would also have to provide fingerprints on re-entering South Korea, under tougher immigration checks.

South Korea raised its terrorism alert level following the Paris suicide bombings and shootings on Friday, which were claimed by Islamic State and killed 129 people.

Security forces increased surveillance at major facilities and screening at airports and ports, newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported.

The report said South Korea was among 62 countries listed as targets by Islamic State, for being part of the “crusader coalition.”

Rival political parties in Seoul said Tuesday they would work together to speed up the passage of new anti-terrorism legislation.

Such moves have previously faced strong criticism from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy party, Yonhap reported.